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Our Story

     Once upon a time, in a dental hygiene school 17 years ago, two kindred spirits met and forged a friendship destined to withstand the tests of time. Little did we know that our journey together would take us through the chapters of marriage, the joys of parenting, the twists of career changes, and the highs and lows of life's unpredictable events.

     As our bond deepened, so did our shared dreams. For years, the idea of creating something meaningful together lingered in the background. Finally, the stars aligned, and Brow Sugar was born – the realization of a dream that had been patiently waiting in the wings.

     Being more than just friends, we embraced the challenges of business ownership side by side, turning hurdles into stepping stones. The ups and downs of entrepreneurship became opportunities for growth, and every triumph and setback only strengthened the foundation of our enduring friendship.

    Brow Sugar is more than a business; it's a testament to the power of shared dreams and the resilience of true friendship. Our passion lies in caring for people and empowering them by enhancing their natural beauty. We believe in the transformative effect of feeling pampered, special, and undeniably beautiful.

     Our commitment extends beyond the beauty chair – we aspire to build lasting connections within our community and among our cherished clients and fellow business owners. Brow Sugar is not just a beauty destination; it's a hub for fostering relationships, celebrating individuality, and growing together.

     As we continue our journey, we're excited about the chapters yet to be written. Our hearts are devoted to Brow Sugar, and our vision is to create a space where everyone feels not only beautiful but also part of a warm and welcoming family.

     Thank you for being a part of our story – a story of friendship, dreams realized, and a shared commitment to building confidence through the art of enhancing natural beauty. Here's to many more chapters filled with joy, growth, and the beauty that lies within us all.

With love and gratitude,

Trisha and Jenn, Co-Founders, Brow Sugar



Trisha has a beautiful, 3  year old son, Gunnar. He loves monster trucks, puzzles and the color yellow. Trisha and her husband, Brad, have been married for 7 years and live in Henly, TX. They have 2 dogs, Frankie and Jack. Trisha loves exploring new restaurants, breweries and wineries around the hill country. Anything with a patio and a view is icing on the cake! As a family, they love camping, spending time in South Padre, going to Cubs baseball games, and meeting up with friends near and far. Trisha grew up in South Texas and moved to Austin in 1999. She graduated from the University of Texas with a business degree but, ended up pursuing dental hygiene after a few years with a startup company. She worked in the cosmetic industry all through college for several different cosmetic lines and has always had a passion for the beauty business. Her favorite store is Sephora so that says a lot! Trisha relocated to Dripping Springs in 2014 and has loved the change of scenery, but still enjoys a night out in Austin every now and then! 


Jennifer and her husband, Scott, have been married for 20 years. They have 2 amazing children. Riley is 10 yrs old and Easton is 7 yrs old. Riley is very artistic and enjoys being creative and swimming. Easton loves his video games and is currently playing soccer. They have 1 dog, Pepper. Jenn and her family love going camping, fishing, listening to live music and discovering new places to eat and drink. They are great cooks and love hosting dinners for their friends and families as well. Jenn grew up in Lubbock and moved to Austin in 2004 to attend dental hygiene school at ACC. Jenn and her family moved to Dripping Springs in 2018, where Trisha and her were reunited and able to practice hygiene together for the last 5 years. In Jenn’s spare time, she loves relaxing on a beach, reading books and spending time with all her family. 




We do not offer refunds on any of our services, or deposits. We strongly encourage you look over the FAQ page before booking an appointment so you know with confidence you are ready.

 no shows 

If you do not make it to your appointment and do not notify any of our staff prior, you will forfeit your deposit and be charged the full amount of the service you missed.

No one under 18yo allowed in studio.

Payment is due in full at time of service.


Prices are subject to change at anytime. Final pricing will be discussed during your consultation based on desired number of sessions. Rates may increase with travel or special circumstances.

 results are not guaranteed 

Healed results with any cosmetic tattooing will vary with each individual client. There is no control over what occurs during the healing process (i.e. how your skin heals and retains pigment). We can offer no guarantee, and additional sessions may be required to obtain optimal results. Charges will apply accordingly. Multiple sessions are normally required for any brow service. Using a pencil, brow powder or brow gel may still be necessary for some clients.

 corrective procedures and previous tattoo work 

**Prior to booking your new appointment, please send multiple clear, recent photos of your existing brow tattoo in good lighting via email to This will help assess and determine if revisions can be made. A consultation prior to booking your service may be required at an additional charge. No guarantee is made for corrective/cover up results. If your existing tattoo is too dark or misshaped, tattoo removal is highly recommended and we will be able to refer you for help with removal. Corrective/cover-up work generally requires multiple sessions and charges will apply accordingly.

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