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Combo brows is a combination of both microblading and powder brows. Hair strokes are placed around the border of the brow using a manual tool to achieve a more natural look. The machine is then used to fill in the body of the brow to provide the fullness.

combo sugar brow


Shaping allows you to see your brows at their potential. It’s a good step to take if you still on the fence about permanent makeup. You will want to avoid in waxing, plucking, threading or other hair removal techniques in the brow area for at least 2 weeks prior to your appt.

brow shaping


perfecting sessions

6-8 weeks | This session if the first touchup after your initial service was completed. It allows for perfecting any areas in which pigment didn’t take well or strokes were too light. This session is required after all initial cosmetic tattoo brow services.

Annual | This session should take place between 12-18mos following the initial service. We will evaluate your brows to see where we need more pigment and if there needs to be any color change.

18+ months | Many clients notice some lightening of the pigment at this time and will need another session to really freshen up their brows. If 18 mos or longer since a touchup with Brow Sugar, its the full service price.

Freckles and beauty marks can add a touch of glow unique to you. We can customize your design to give you the most natural look. This semi-permanent technique can last anywhere from 6 months to a year. 

freckles and beauty marks

Freckles & Beauty Marks
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