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Earlobes, helix/cartilage, tragus, nose and navel piercing. Piercing is done using a needle technique to limit trauma to the area and promote quicker healing.  All jewelry is Stainless Steel or Titanium. 

Ages 3 and up. Price includes jewelry.

body piercing

A semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that adds natural color, definition, and fullness. Pigment is deposited into the lips' upper layers to create a naturally flushed and tinted appearance. Customize the perfect shade to enhance your beauty. Experience the confidence of effortlessly gorgeous lips. 

lip blushing


A cosmetic procedure designed to correct or balance the natural color of your lips. Whether you seek to tone down hyper-pigmentation or achieve a more uniform lip shade, we can adjust the color to harmonize with your desired look. This procedure is often done in conjunction with Lip Blushing as a first step to achieve uniform color. 

lip neutralization


Keep hands washed and away from the treated area. When applying ointment or cleaning the treated area, hands should be washed for 30 seconds prior.


Do not let the treated area get oversaturated with water. Avoid hot tubs, pools, recreational water activities, or washing the treated areas. When in the shower, do not get water directly on the face.


Do not expose the treated area to sweat, animals, direct shower spray or hot water


Avoid sun exposure. Wear a hat or visor when in the sun. Avoid tanning beds.


During the healing process, keep make up, lotions and exfoliating products away from treated area.


Avoid having your treated area touching the pillow. This ensures the area will not be disturbed while sleeping. 


If you need to wear a mask, make sure to change it every 2 hours.


Ice packs may be used for swelling if protected by a clean cloth.


The are of the procedure will begin to feel dry and chapped. It is very important that you DO NOT touch the area with anything other than the recommended ointment or cotton swabs. 

DO NOT pick any flaking skin.


NO kissing! 


Brush your teeth 2x/day and use mouthwash up to 5x/day   


On the first day, avoid anything that might irritate the lips (spicy, acidic and/or hot) and use a straw with drinks. 


It is normal and expected for you to notice some flaking as the dead skin cells begin to slough off. This is normal and is to be expected. Many clients lose 20-50% of the initial implanted color.


The color goes through phases and may initially appear lighter or darker, but within 3-4 weeks, more color usually appears.

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