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A method in which pigment is deposited into the upper layers of skin in a hair stroke pattern imitating your natural brow hair and giving you a fuller, more defined brow.

stretch mark treatment

A inkless stretch mark serum and traditional tattoo machine are used on each individual stretch mark, no matter the size

A more full, defined look than microblading, Powder Brow mimics the effect you achieve when using a brow pencil or powder and are customizable to each client, depending on whether you prefer a more soft or defined look.

powder brow

scar camouflage

Helps conceal scars by blending them into the color of the surrounding skin by placing a customized ink color or pigment under the skin to camouflage your scar.



Brow Sugar is truly a work of passion, commitment and common desire to help people feel good about themselves. At Brow Sugar, we believe that all women deserve to feel gorgeous every day without having to spend hours in front of the mirror. We can help you with this by creating brows that are stunning from the moment you wake up til your head hits the pillow at night. We want to be a part of this journey with you. Beautiful brows can change your life! 


Powder Brow/Magic Shading


Sugar Brow “Combination”

Brow Shaping

6-8wk Perfecting Session

Annual Touchup

18+ mo.  Touchup

Lip  Blushing

Lip Neutralization

Inkless Stretch Mark Treatment

Scar Camouflage 


Went to see Trisha at Brow Sugar for my first ever experience with mircoblading and powder brows. She explained everything so well, was extremely detail oriented, and gave me the brows I didn’t even know I needed! THEY ARE GORGEOUS YALL, and I am obsessed with my results! Do yourself a favor and go see the girls for your brows ASAP! Will absolutely be back and will be referring all of my friends in the meantime!


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